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Student's On Line Resources
10/2/15 10:14 PM
10/2/15 10:13 PM

Apps of the week:

The following learning applications are some that we are using to enhance our learning in the classroom.

  • Shadow Puppet (Retelling Stories)
  • Rocket Speller
  • Word Wizard
  • Number Bonds
  • Jumbled Sentences (Word order)
  • A+ Spelling


Mrs. Castro

Room 7

Welcome to First Grade!


AR Book Finder Site

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.15.04 PM.png

Have a book at home and not sure if it is an AR testing book? Click on this site to find out. Simply type the title and press "GO" to find out!


Current Assignments


A Personal Narrative:

  • Tells what you did
  • Tells what you saw
  • Tells how you feel
  • Written so that it sounds like you are talking, like a conversation
  • Is written in order
  • Is written so that the reader understands what happened
  • Uses transitional words: "First, Next, Then, Last, or Finally,"
  • Uses the words: "I", "me", "my"