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Age Requirements
5/2/20 11:10 PM

Ms. Sanchez

Parent Resources

Whether you are transitioning from another LAUSD school, another district or beginning your child's first steps into school, Maywood Elementary knows it's important to make this process as easy and informational as possible.  Parents/guardians can download the school forms in the desired language, complete the form on a computer, print, sign, and return to the school. Downloading the form to a computer does not automatically transfer your information to the school.


Enrollment Process

Information needed for Enrollment to begin:

  • Completed enrollment Forms

The following is necessary for enrollment and may be sent from the transferring school if necessary

  • Immunization Record

  • Birth Certificate

  • Proof of Address

Enrollment Forms include:

  • Student Enrollment Form

  • Student Emergency Information Form

  • Apple 1-1 Compact

  • Library Consent form

  • Attendance Pledge

  • Information Release Form

  • Responsable Use Policy

  • Parent/Student Acknowledgement Form

  • Meal Application


ATTENDANCE VERIFICATION FORM for currently enrolled students.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS FORM for currently enrolled students.


We welcome you to the Maywood Elementary Community, and if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us.

Parent Center

Volunteer Program

Volunteers are a vital resource for Maywood Elementary. Volunteers bring much needed assistance, experience and knowledge to our school community.  Our Parent Center is run by Mrs. Fabiola Del Toro
Purpose of the SchoolVolunteer Program
  • Assist in the Parent Center, thereby allowing teachers to attend to students
  • Support school personnel in meeting the needs of students more effectively
  • Strengthen school/home/community relations by engaging parents and community as school volunteers