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Snack is also a part of the YDP daily routine. Students are served a healthy, nutritious snack that is provided throught the Los Angeles Unified School District Food Service Division.

Traveling Enrichment

Traveling Enrichment is an added bonus to the daily enrichment activities experienced by youth at YDP school sites. These specialized programs visit schools about every two months and are there for a duration of three weeks. Students are exposed to and are engaged in learning a variety of activities ranging from the arts to technology and beyond. Some of the current activities included dance (salsa, African, ballroom, Folklorico); music (electric guitar, drums, percussion, vocal rhythms); multi-media (digital photography, video production, computers, animation); science, theater arts, character development, nutrition and physical fitness. Every traveling enrichment program concludes with a culminating activity where students present all that they have learned in a special showcase. School site staff, parents and friends are invited to share in the enjoyment of this learning experience. The traveling enrichment programs have been specifically designed to support the daily curriculum.  

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Program Outline

The Youth Development Program (YDP) is an afterschool program offered through the Beyond the Bell Branch of the Los Angeles Unified School District. The program is supported by both the State/ASES and Federal/ 21st CCLC grants. Students starting in Kindergarten through 8th grade are eligible to participate in YDP.


What does it offer?

Students connect learning to fun as they partake in each of four daily rotations.

  • Academic Enrichment focuses on activity centered hands on learning through a standards based daily lesson. These lessons support the teachings during the school day through a delivery that emphasizes exploration through activity and having fun!
  • Homework Support gives students the opportunity to begin their homework with positive feedback and encouragement.
  • Recreation rotation offers students the opportunity to exercise, exert physical energy while being guided in skill based activities.
  • Read-A-Loud is the rotation where all students are read to and hear the sound of language rich text. All students are engaged in book talk and learn character development, setting, plot, predicting, all while strengthening their comprehension skills.